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I'm a licensed cosmetologist. Here I will post all new fashions as long as old fashions in hair and makeup a long with nails. I'm here to give professional advice and tips. I'm sick and tired of seeing alot of hairblogs that give out false help where you can really damage and ruin your hair. Dont be shy =).

Anonymous asked: My manager severely under quoted a customer for an ombré and we are a corporation with a price quote guarantee so when she realized, she passed the girl on to me, and the mom of the girl whose ombré I did for $70 called corporate on me because she didn't like how long it took me and when they found out how much I charged her they fired me


Thats fucking bullshit. Maybe you could sew them, because thats their fault not yours. You charging the proper price should never be a problem because you are helping the salon make money, and its the money you are worth. Thats complete and utter bullshit. Im sorry to hear that.

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Your favorite or worst beauty story in the salon whether your are behind or in the chair. Dont be shy. Share your experience. Every one ready could learn from it. Anon or not.

Just write it in a message :)

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livinglouderrr17 asked: I'm in cosmetology school, and my friend wants to me to do her hair. She is naturally a level 4, with some red tint. She has about two inches of roots. She has been coloring her hair a 7cc and since the color is so bright it fades quickly.. She is asking to to coloring her whole head so it's bright again. Any specific way I should apply the color, as in mid strand, ends, roots. And should I use a different type of developer for her roots and the hair that just needs the color brightened.


Color het root with the original formula and for mid shaft to ends i would use the same color with a level lower developer. You could also glaze her with another 7cc in redken shades eq on her ends (basically a demi-permanent shine color) or maybe even just throw some fashion color orange over it. Also if she wants to feel even brighter i would maybe do a microweave of highlights with 20vol and lightener just to lighten it a little and add a 8cg or gc or mix some orange and yellow and throw that all over. The possibilities are endless with copper. I absolutely love it, and its fairly easy to remove or do a beautiful process with. Go with your gut instinct and look up inspirational photos on pintrest or here on tumblr for some brighter or new colors and maybe offer some to her and see if maybe shed be interested in trying something a little more creative. She maybe into, and if so awesome! Get creative. If she rejects it, thats fine, just do it. :) good luck and let me know how it goes.

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If any of my followers

Ever have questions on what a color is feel free to ask.

And my professionals (and yes i can tell based off you blog) i’ll gladly share formulas. Im not a stingy bitch. Keep in mind i use redken and pravana fashion colors (which i am certified in the pravana line). I am now working towards my certification in redken :). So feel free to ask :). All my advice is strictly professional from knowledge and experience.

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I dunno if i’ve been posting any of my work, but heres some fun stuff i’ve done lately.

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They’re all judging u

where did you get these omfg



They’re all judging u

where did you get these omfg

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Really putting my foot down →


In my business now. If clients want to complain that their color faded fast, or is dry and breaking or the cut and style just wont do what i did to it, and didnt buy the product i recommeneded, not my problem.

I did my part. And because you dont want to use the professional products for whatever…

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Iggy Azalea and oreo jell-o pudding

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Lorde for V Magazine

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Reblog if you want your followers to ask you random questions.  

Yes, please.


Reblog if you want your followers to ask you random questions.  

Yes, please.

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If you support your local hairdresser. And I mean support.

- you get a professional service.
- buy recommended product.
- and tip.

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